What’s In Your Tote?

Known for it's durability and sustainability, tote bags are widely used around the world. Our latest release, The Denim Tote, was designed specifically for the fashion enthusiast, which means, it's not your average tote.

Below we've curated a few fashion enthusiast profiles and what we predict will go inside their tote. Which one best describes what's going your tote?

The Entrepreneur

Between meetings, events, and everything in-between, having a bag with all your necessities is a must. Here's what's inside the Entrepreneur's bag: 

  • Laptop: Swap out your old laptop bag for The Denim Tote. Keep up with your business' day to day while on the go.
  • Notebook + Pen: "Write it down on a real paper with a real pencil, and watch sh*t get real"- Erykah Badu. You never know when your next burst of inspiration will hit you.
  • Water Bottle: Hydration is key! Staying properly hydrated can prevent that burnout feeling all entrepreneurs experience. Keep water handy at all times.
  • Hand Sanitizer: Hand shakes are a formality in the business world so clean hands are essential. 
The Stylist 

Being a stylist means keeping a fully loaded bag of tricks on you at all times. With The Denim Tote, you can hop from fitting to event, with everything in one convenient place. Here's what's in the Stylist's bag:

  • Lint Roller: Visible lint can ruin a good look. Keep things clean with a sticky lint roller.
  • Tape (multiple kinds): Whether you need to fix a hem, or double-side tape to prevent a wardrobe mishap, having multiple types of tape is always a good idea!
  • Safety Pins: Pin, tuck, close and clasp, every good stylist knows there's no such thing as too many!
  • Scissors: Keeping a pair of scissors with you is a life saver for loose threads, last minute hems, etc. 
  • Stiff Brush: Need a quick clean? Your stiff brush can help remove any dirt or mud on clothes.
  • Measuring Tape: Stylists take sizing and measurements in their sleep. Have a flexible measuring tape on you at all times!
The Everyday Fashion Enthusiast/ Local Creative
The Denim Tote is equal parts stylish and spacious for all of your essentials. Here's a peek at what's in their bag:


  • Wallet: Cha-ching! 
  • Planner: Because planning is key to maximizing busy schedule. 
  • Tablet: For doing just about everything your laptop can do, at a fraction of it's size.

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